About Us

Our goal at Carlson Concierge Services is really very straight forward. To help you live a better life. To provide you with peace of mind knowing every detail in your life is taken care of and accounted for.

When you work with Carlson Concierge you can let go of the “day to day” items that clutter your schedule so you can focus on what’s most important to you.

We’ve been fortunate in our lives to have vacationed and lived in Scottsdale for the past 15 years.

During that time we’ve worked with, and become friends with, some of the leading service providers in the area.  Some of them you’ve heard of and others work only by word of mouth because they are so highly sought after.

In fact, many of our clients feel our service more than pays for itself just by knowing how to get in touch with the “who” to do the “what” that needs to be done.   If you’ve ever had to open up the yellow pages at 11 p.m. on a Friday you know this.

Leverage our relationships and simplify your life.  Give us a call at 480-318-6829 right now to discuss the level of service you feel would best suit your lifestyle.


If we help you simplify your life and enjoy it more the odds are good that you’ll continue to patronize our business and refer your friends and family who would benefit as well.

Our family calls Arizona home year round. We’ll be here when you need us!

You may start with a basic service like grocery ordering and discover airport transportation, handyman projects and all of the other “chores” like car washes and dry cleaning drop offs no longer make sense to do on your own.

As you entrust us to take care of these task you will find yourself improving your golf game, spending time with the grandkids and maybe even learning that new language before next summer’s vacation.  After all, wouldn’t you rather invest your time in the hobbies and activities most important to you and let us worry about the rest?

We’ve been lucky.  We’ve had the opportunity to live and enjoy the lifestyle of Arizona as both vacationers and residents.  Now we’d like to help you enjoy your time more.

We’re here for you and your family.  We have different service levels to best fit your lifestyle.  So bookmark this website, program our number in your phone and let us know how we can help simplify your life.

Lee and Maureen

Carlson Concierge Services

Phone: 480-318-6829

Email: info@carlsonconciergeservices.com