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Home Watch Services

Who is your eyes and ears when you’re away from home?

“Leave your home to our care when you can’t be there!” 

Carlson Concierge is an accredited, experienced, insured, and bonded Home Watch company located in Scottsdale, AZ.  We offer weekly or every 14-day home watch checks of your property when you are not in residence.

We are the leaders in the Scottsdale, AZ home watch industry.  We have mentored numerous other companies and invested in the home watch process.  We use reporting software and scheduling that is at the forefront of our industry.  We have also streamlined our processes to be professional and clear for our clients and vendors.  We not only report to you after a check, but we follow through with any issues that we may find.  After each home watch visit you will receive a detailed report with photos and further details.

Our home watch services are tailored to your needs and can be conducted weekly or every fourteen days.  Each walkthrough includes:

  • complete visual inspection of the interior of your home including scan of walls and ceilings looking for pest and water issues.
  • check fridge and freezers for forgotten food that could spoil and that appliances are running correctly
  • run all taps and flush toilets
  • RO system run and clear lines and check for leaks under the sink
  • check the water softener to ensure it’s not leaking and add salt if necessary
  • check thermostats to ensure they’re functioning properly
  • get mail, sort, and forward if requested
  • run and drive cars
  • visual scan of the garage
  • visual scan of exterior windows looking for cracks or damage caused by golf balls, etc
  • visual inspection of landscape- looking for obvious signs of irrigation troubles
  • inspect pool equipment and other water features for leaks or issues and report to your service providers if any issues are found


Do you know that your service providers are doing the job you’ve hired them to do?  We communicate with you regularly so you know everything is ok at your home.  If Arizona experiences a major storm, do you know that your home has been checked and all is ok?

We take care of many Arizona homes from North Scottsdale and Cave Creek south through Paradise Valley.  Contact us for our competitive prices and reliable care.  Leave the to-do lists to us and come back to a clean, functioning home, ready for you to enjoy!

Scottsdale Home Watch Services look for sign of water leaks

Leaks can happen quickly…

…resulting in catastrophies.

Life in the desert!

Termite trail – this length can occur in less than a week

Sticky traps catch all creatures

Wine chillers are monitored to  your predetermined settings

 Storm Watch Service

Carlson Concierge pioneered the storm watch program in the Valley.  After living here for a year we experienced the force and damage the monsoons and dust storms can do to our properties.

Carlson Concierge started a storm watch program reserved for our valued home watch clients only.  We respond to your home within 48 hours of a major storm and will check for damage and issues.  We then send an itemized report detailing the damage that your home may have suffered.  We have relationships with vendors that can clean up the damage in a timely manner. 

Reporting System

Carlson Concierge uses HomeWatchIT for its comprehensive features designed to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. It offers robust scheduling tools, enabling precise appointment management and ensuring no property is overlooked. With real-time reporting and detailed documentation capabilities, HomeWatchIT allows us to maintain accurate records, providing clients with transparent updates and peace of mind. It simplifies task management, reduces administrative burdens, and frees up time for more critical tasks like looking after your home. Additionally, HomeWatchIT’s secure cloud storage ensures data protection and easy access from anywhere, making it an indispensable tool for managing our home watch business.